Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bootcamp Days 4-6 in a nutshell!


Sorry for my epic lateness. My internet has been being a real slacker.

Well, these past three days have been a living hell for me. Not because of my exercising. Not because of the diet I am on. Because of my damn monthly visitor REALLY misbehaving and trying to derail my progress! However for the first time in my life, Brain wins~!


Brain: I have to exercise.
Period: I wanna go to White Castle, get a sack of 30 and eat it all in bed watching TV!
Brain: HELL no! -beats up period who goes crying in the corner-

Let's just say my monthly visitor is my inner fat girl's total BFF.  I think they're even dating.  They all want the same things in life too. However, the skinny girl and my brain have been forming quite the team, thwarting the gruesome twosome at every turn. 

I will admit- it does feel strange now that I no longer have a desire to drink diet soda. All I drink these days is iced tea, water, and mineral/sparkling water.  I am also finding it scarily easy to say no to junk food. No more "just a bite", or "It's cheat day!" (Bootcamp HAS no cheat days!) 

As for exercise... I am now able to do 25 reps of my muscular structure work, it was hard but I think that if I am not feeling TOO badly, I will go for 30 tomorrow!  I at least want to get to 40 reps (even if it's a struggle) by the end of this month.  Fingers crossed, not promising.  Also I am noticing I am having lingering soreness in mainly 2 places-

1. Under my arms/behind my breasts (the pushup muscles)
2. My hips, inner thighs, and bum! (Or, the Thass)

I am also shocked at my ability to do MS AND do my cardio right after. Mind you, I am still keeping the cardio low impact which is still making me sweat within a couple minutes of starting. For me, it's like high impact, I do start to get a little tired toward the end of the second combination but I am seeing my endurance go up a little.

Another thing- I'm seeing fat disappear! From my gut, my arms, my thighs, my knee area, etc. With my monthly friend, I am not relying on weight right now.  Also, I think my scale at home is a tad on the broken side. I do go to my school which has a fitness center with a scale that anyone can go in and use. I think I'll start weighing myself when I go to work and class. So that would be like, a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday weigh in all about the same time on those days so then I should be able to get better readings. 

I would have taken measurements, but I realize I suck at it. I measure myself twice in the same area and get 2 different numbers.  That's why I took before pics, so my progress can be seen as it is. 

Alright, tomorrow is my first Sunday that I would actually be working out on!!!


  1. Keep it up! You're doing fantastic - and it gets better. Good luck this week (and wish me luck too - starting my second week of Perfect Design, and my brain is starting to revolt).

  2. I wish you luck too! Today I'm starting to want the old crap again... And today I *gasp* didn't work out! I had a slip up!!!! I will post about it later on~

  3. I just want to let you know that I find your blog very inspiring. I admire your honesty and ability to hold yourself accountable. I'm already bad with keeping up with my blogs, both personal and fitness. I'm not sure I could be as candid as you in regards to my weight loss journey. Keep it up with the good work!