Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boot Camp Day 2!


Day 2 is complete, and it was hard~!  I was incredibly tempted to haul off and eat junk food, because my monthly (asshole) friend decided to show up. 

Monthly friend: Oh hey Roxy~ I see you're doing a boot camp. Cool! Can I join?

I was really tempted to go pour myself a glass of rice milk and mix some chocolate in. But I didn't. I measured out 1 cup of orange juice for myself (which is better than chocolate milk of any kind!)   I still kept to my clean eating.  Steel cut oats and 1 cup of orange juice for breakfast, steamed broccoli for lunch, was a little indulgent for dinner- had some grilled chicken breast with a cup of whole grain angel hair pasta drizzled with a little olive oil. Delicious! Didn't feel like a snack, the broccoli did a pretty good job of filling me up. 

Exercise- I was definitely feeling it when I woke up, especially in my chest and bum area.  I did the same workout I did yesterday- 20 reps of the MS sequence 1 (I didn't want to push my body too hard, being that I was sore and everything) and step touched cardio combo 1.

My weight... I gained a pound, likely water due to my physical condition. I think I'll wait to really weigh in until Monday when the period monster SHOULD be gone. (I tend to retain a lot of water during that time, no matter how much I drink, so if I only gained 1 pound instead of 5, I'm doing SOMETHING right!)

Well, 28 more days~ Still haven't given up yet! :)

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  1. You can't give up your followers will demand for a daily blog!!! :)