Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekends... I love you, I hate you. Also, Thanksgiving,

Hello hello!

Well, this weekend I feel like I probably gained back all the weight I lost last week.  If I wanted it, it went in my mouth- including but not limited to: Starbucks caramel brulee coffee, caramel nut coffee cake, gummy bears, cheese, spam *which is only good cooked* and -ack~!- white rice!  I think my period is on the way. Yikes... And no exercise all weekend aside from cleaning up.

Ugh. I'll do better, swear.

Now then- a big holiday coming up- Thanksgiving day- aka another excuse to stuff ourselves silly!  What's a dieter to do?

One thing you better NOT do- starve on Thanksgiving on your own will!  You won't gain 10 pounds of fat on your body from one day. I promise. (Unless you eat 35,000 calories over your metabolic rate which I DOUBT)

I say- enjoy Thanksgiving and enjoy the food!  However, little things you could do-

1. Squeeze in a workout if you can.
2. Eat until you're content, NOT stuffed like the turkey sitting on the table. 
3. Try to make dinner your main meal, keep breakfast and lunch light.

Hope these help- I plan on following at least #2-3. 

I will be weighing in today... Scared to, but gotta. Then going to work and class.  Also adding at least some cardio today, perhaps Mat after class. (Just no time for both in the morning on Monday, and cardio at night is a MAJOR no-no here.)

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