Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beginning the Clean Program!

Hello everyone!!!

I have decided that as of August 1, I will be starting Dr. Junger's Clean Program.  A friend of mine was kind and very generous enough to send me the kit (Again THANK YOU!) and I might as well use it and it would be in my best interest to do so.

I looked through my cabinets and found some approved items:

Dry chickpeas
Dry Cannellinis
Dry Lentils
Canned Black Beans
Canned Kidney Beans
Red Rice
Brown Rice
Miso paste
Olive oil
Sesame oil
Almond Milk
Frozen asparagus
Frozen green beans
Frozen snap peas
Organic Gala apples (not sure if they're still good)
Kimchi (Made with cabbage, onion, garlic, sea salt, and chili pepper, which is OK IF you know you are not allergic to nightshades. I do not think I am.)

My friend and I took a ride to whole foods and I picked up some more:

Low-sodium organic Tamari (gluten free soy sauce)
Quinoa (really cheap in bulk)
Organic walnuts
Almond butter (for eating with apples or celery)
Rice pasta
Quinoa/Amaranth/Rice pasta
Brown Rice Syrup

I forgot to pick up nutritional yeast (for that cheesy flavor) and sea salt.  We might go back to the store and I might pick up some teff flatbreads so I can make sandwiches.  

Another thing I noticed- You cannot have any form of beef on this cleanse but you CAN have Buffalo.  My friend told me that she had buffalo before, and it tastes just like steak.  Next time we go shopping I might pick up a few Buffalo steaks to freeze/use.

Really excited about this, this will challenge me and really help me expand my culinary horizons in a way.  Anyone else doing this, or going gluten free?  Any tips/tricks for a newbie?

Have a great weekend!


  1. The clean program works amazing. I have been doing it now and following the portion control through weight watchers. The results are very good. Its been about a year, so the weight comes off slow, but ive lost 60 pounds.

  2. Very nice! I want to do the clean program as an initial kick in the pants, then try to eat clean as much as possible. I have tried weight watchers before, when the program was different (about 5 years ago) but tried it with one of the more recent modifications of it and it didn't work NEARLY as well.