Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another new plan

Hello everyone!

I’m starting to feel a little better, cold wise. In my downtime, I have given some things some thought and came to more realizations.

Realization #1: In the evenings when I get home from work, hell, evenings in general (which is usually when I work out) I have as much motivation to do so as a sloth that just smoked a pound of marijuana. Yeah. None.

Solution: Starting to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and work out then. Then it’s out of the way, out of sight, out of mind. Today I started the early waking by waking up today at 5:15. My goal was 5 but for a “not morning person” like me that’s progress. I am going to have to start waking up like this every day, even on weekends, or as a friend of mine (who also used to be a night owl) said I could really mess myself up by sleeping in every weekend.

Realization #2: The Dynamic Eating Plan that comes with Metamorphosis is not really for me. Why? 1. The preparation. Making all that food for me, is a pain in the ass, heats up my kitchen, takes a long time (Yeah making purees seems like a quick thing to do… Until you actually do it.), etc. 2. The cost. I am still a “broke college student” who is LUCKILY not living on ramen noodles yet. For the time being, spending 50-60$ a week on food just doesn’t seem reasonable for one person. Maybe after I get a real job in the real world, that can happen but for now, no.

Solution: I am going to follow the KISS plan- Keep it simple, stupid! My new plan is to basically eat cleanly and stay around 1200 calories a day. Mainly I will follow this by eating a lot of Korean food which is very healthy, clean, and inexpensive as I live near 2 Korean supermarkets. I will be posting recipes and such in the future. Koreans have the lowest obesity rate in the developed world (3.5%- Used to be Japan which has a 3.9% rate) because of how they eat (I think the whole “Asians have better genetics” thing is bull. I know a lot of fat Asians. If they really could eat whatever they want then why aren’t they all skinny?). Korean food is mainly complex carbohydrates and they do not eat a lot of meat and dairy usually. Also a funny thing- in Korea and Japan they do not eat a lot of fruit. (Fruit has been thought to hinder dieting because of the fructose) They instead handle fruit like a dessert- a treat to be had time to time. I have more to say about the health and weight loss benefits but that’s another blog for another time.

Realization #3- Sticking with ONE metamorphosis, not two, is probably best for me right now. Why? My fitness level is the main reason. Looking back on my noble intentions, I thought “Are you INSANE? Doing one is pretty hard in itself!” Also this goes without saying but overdoing it = injury = no exercise = UNHAPPY ME. Also doing the high impact cardio for more than 30 minutes at my current weight is a suicide mission in the long run, especially for my joints. Sure, I have good shoes and they don’t hurt yet, but there’s the keyword. Yet. Things like this like to creep up and screw you over later.

Solution: Sticking with Abcentric and sticking to it for continuity as well. Gotta lose my “pregnant” belly! Also doing the 30 minutes of Dance Cardio if I can, if I am really NOT feeling like dancing, then I will take a brisk one hour walk weather permitting. If I do my dance cardio, then I will still take that extra half hour walking later on weather permitting. Metamorphosis will be a 6 day a week thing, and on my day off still a 30 minute walk. Also I’d like to work some yoga into my routine in the evenings when I feel up to it. Stretching never hurt.

I started the sleeping plan and eating plan so far today, and I plan on implementing the metamorphosis plan starting Monday, until then I will walk and do yoga because I am still not fully feeling up to meta without dripping snot all over myself.

This week is almost over (thankfully, it’s been rough). Have a great day!

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