Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Figurerobics Day 1

Hello everyone!!!
As I said before, I did start trying the new Figurerobics workout that I got.  But before I get to that, I will go over the plan that I came up with in more detail as well as my starting weight.
As someone in my previous post commented that I was taking on too much at once (as she had in the past) I really realize now what she means.  I am the kind of person who does tend to take on too much because in my mind, it seems so easy, etc. but when I actually go and do it, it blows up in my face BIG time.
I think with these figurerobics videos I have found something doable.
Each video is 30 minutes, and while it is similar to TAM in some ways (lots of unweighted arm movements that burn like hellfire for example), the pace is a bit slower, but I still feel a HELL of a burn from it.   Also a huge difference in this and Meta- Meta would take me MORE than 30 minutes to do the muscular structure at 20 reps because I would often stop to yawn, stop to rest, stop stop stop.  With this, you keep moving. It's hard but not so hard that I can't keep moving the whole 30 minutes.  It makes the time go by SO much faster and makes it seem less arduous and chorelike.
I am also going to keep the power walk to 30 minutes. Last night I took my first power walk in the evening, I was red and sweaty by the time I got home but not to the point of feeling like dying on the living room floor.
I started my figurerobics rotation with Figure Dance, to watch, click the link below. I will be doing a different video every day, in rotation. Every 4 days I will go back to the first DVD.
http://youtu.be/JZ3KK_uKrDM  part 1
http://youtu.be/CsfQz57ZVd0 part 2
http://youtu.be/OXkX6t7dUn8 part 3
http://youtu.be/eZWWBZhqA_4 part 4
http://youtu.be/udI4EVA_sWA part 5
Yes, she is speaking Korean with Japanese subtitles, however the language barrier shouldn't be TOO much of an issue because the moves are straightforward. (I understand some Korean, most of what she says are counting, and what direction to move your body part that you're working) She does 2 sets of each group of movements.
Now for my starting stats:
Starting weight: 276.6 lb/ 125.73 kg
I have also started eating 5 small meals a day. It's awkward for me as I am not used to eating this many times but it isn't so bad after giving it a try.

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