Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/2011 Day 1

Hello everyone!

Today was both good and bad, good diet wise bad exercise wise. But first, this is day 1 and here are my starting stats, updated every 11th day.

Bust- 48 inches
Waist- 46 inches
Hips- 53 inches
Left thigh- 31.5 inches
Weight: 276.9 pounds (I lost weight after all that cake eating for my birthday... Weird!)

Why was exercise bad?  I ended up skipping my first day of metamorphosis, I unexpectedly had to work a double shift and cover for my coworker. Needless to say I was exhausted when I got home.  I later attempted a power walk, lasted 10 minutes then I really felt like I was going to drop.  However, being as I am on metamorphosis level 1, and having done it quite a few times, missing one day is likely not that bad.

Now for my diet. My first part of my transition to being a full fledged vegan is cutting meat.  Also I am watching my calories. Here's what my day looked like yesterday.


Iced latte with skim milk (my only dairy of the day)

Had to go to the cafeteria to get lunch today, didn't have time in the morning to plan anything.

Veggie burger on whole wheat bun, bun not toasted because they do it on the grill with all the oil. Had onions and mustard on it, no cheese or anything else.

Small bag of pretzels, my choices were pretzels, chips, french fries, or onion rings. Pretzels had the least calories and were the only unfried thing.

Too tired to make a real meal, so I just had some Hummus and Pita chips with a glass of orange juice. 

My daily net calories (after exercising is factored in) are 1500, today I had about 1800. Going to be much more careful from now on.  

Where do I get all my info about my calories and such?  I have an app from myfitnesspal.com. Really good dieting site and a great app, best of all it's free!

Day 2 will be much better. :)  Have a great day!

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