Saturday, July 16, 2011

I know this is SORT of random but it's also SORT of relevant.

Hey everyone.

It's about 1:30 in the morning on Sunday and I have been doing a lot of thinking, especially when it comes to my diet.  I am both nervous and excited to take the dive into veganism.  Excited because I hope this will help this bastard weight to come off, nervous and scared that like all the other times before, I am going to start strong and then totally f*** myself into oblivion later by cheating day after day.

Yesterday, I took the time to go through my cupboards and fridge and find all the vegan stuff, and write down what I have and how much. I also put it all in a special area in the cupboard/fridge for them.  Unfortunately I cannot throw out all the food, living with someone else makes that rather inconsiderate of them.  I live with someone who eats junk, meat, and all the stuff I am going to kick. 

Although my ultimate goal is to be grain free, I think that has to be a weaning process.  I have 2 canisters of steel cut oatmeal to eat, a bag of brown rice, and a box of whole grain pasta.  Waste not want not, also these items do have fiber and given my digestive state, could be helpful at first.  However I am not going to eat grain with every meal.  Breakfast and lunch at the most, with a light dinner.  I know they say eat 5 times a day or whatever but I just don't have an appetite that often and I feel like it will inadvertently give my mind the feeling that I have a "license" to indulge.

Speaking of indulging, I just found out that one of my favorite coffee drinks, Starbucks frappucinos, can now be made vegan by asking for soy. 

As for drinks on a regular basis, my goal is to drink a gallon (4 liters) of water a day, with tea when I want something else.  I have plenty of good Japanese green tea in the cupboard and it's not going to drink itself.  Water intake has always been one of my weak points, usually not drinking enough and rather going for the gatorade, soda pop, etc. 

I really hope I can go through with this, I really am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and overweight. 

As for working out, I really need to stop being such a lazy ass.  Sometimes there are times I know I have all the time in the world to get my workout in, but I don't and end up having to cram it in later all inconvenientlike. I need to get in the habit of getting it done and overwith so I don't have to deal with it later.

Random post, I know, but when I am up late, sometimes things like this fill my  mind and won't let me sleep!  Really looking forward to start meta Monday and I am taking updated measurements later today.

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  1. While some people are able to make the leap into vegan overnight, I tried that and it just wouldn't stick. So, I gave up one animal at a time once per month, and and then dairy products (particular types of cheese, ice cream:dairy was harder to give up than meat) at a time once per month. I remeber fish was the last animal I stopped eating because it was my favorite. Well, it turned out that my body had started to acclimate to being veggie, because after I ate it, I just felt gross and couldn't wait for it to leave my body. This really surprised me because like I say, fish was my favorite!

    I feel your struggles Roxy with you trying so hard and wanting the weight to come off right away, and fighting with yourself to is a struggle. But I really believe if you keep going and building good habits, you'll get used to your new lifestyle and then eating food you don't want to eat or skipping a workout will feel foreign to you. Best wishes as always.