Friday, July 15, 2011

Metamorphosis is happening again... For real this time.

Hello everyone!!!

It looks like I am going back to doing my Tracy Anderson workouts.   The other stuff didn't pan out so well.  Why, you may ask?

1. There was a lot of squatting and lunging that I am sure are great for you, but my knees were obliterated after 2 workouts. I have been out of commision in the knee/lower leg department but it feels better today
2. I enjoyed Tracy's workouts so much more. I actually somewhat feel a little bit of TA withdrawl.

So, I have decided to start my Abcentric journey on Monday. I have also thought out some modifications to the plan.

1. I am not following her diet. I felt like I was spending way too much on food, some of which I think is a bit on the nasty tasting side.  Instead I am going to go as clean and vegan as possible, I eventually also want to kick grains and eggs. Also the calorie cap will be 1500. No more than that.
2. As an alternative to dance cardio, walking briskly will also be an option.  When I have been walking lately, a brisk 30 minute walk leaves me red and sweaty with a good heart rate going. It will depend on how my mood is and how the weather is which one I will do.  The end goal is 60 minutes of dance cardio when my endurance kicks up.
3. I am also going to try my damndest to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night AT LEAST. I have seen lots of stuff saying how not getting enough sleep can hurt weight loss. My 5 am wakeups have been pretty much a fail. I was able to do it a couple times but my body just slept right through alarms and everything.  Also, my insomnia doesn't help one bit.

I have my calendar all written up, and stuck on one of the doors in my apartment where I will see it all the time as motivation.  Taking new before pics and measurements over the weekend, but the pictures will not be put up right away until I have another comparison point.

I am also going to utilize the online community more and also track my progress on my profile thingy. If you want to add me, my username is teenytinyquest. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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