Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello everyone!

Been having more second thoughts about my dieting.  I am thinking about just plain eating clean rather than taking any extreme measure.  I had a talk with my friend about my dieting and I also remember a comment someone left a while back about my jumping into things too quickly. It has been suggested to me by not just my friend but also my doctor (which I will get to in a moment) that rather than go to extremes, I should reduce my calories and do my best to just eat clean as much as I can. No giving up animal products, however not eating too much of them either.

My diet these past couple of days more reflects these principles than veganism.

Tuesday July 26-

Coffee and oatmeal

Lunch: 6 pieces of falafel with a salad on the side
Dinner: Kept it light again, didn't feel a huge appetite so I had pita chips and hummus again with a bottle of Vita Coco coconut water.  Later on I ended up going to a middle eastern restaurant with a friend and ended up having a few bites of her meat.

Wednesday July 27-


Coffee and oatmeal

Lunch: Veggie burger with a diet pepsi

Dinner: Ramen noodles (soup drained off) with a bunch of added mushrooms and some chopped onion. 

So Ramen wasn't the best choice, I did pick up some Tofu Shirataki noodles from the store (Kind of like Miracle Noodles) which are made of tofu and yam flour.  

As for exercise, Tuesday I went for a walk for about a half an hour, last night I did fall asleep early but woke up at about 10 pm and got my MS done.

My water consumption these past two days has been good.  8 glasses on Tuesday, 10 yesterday.  

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