Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another rant...

Hello everyone~

I am really feeling like crap. Mentally and physically. 

Mentally: Because I didn't get my ass moving yesterday and do my workout, mainly because it's really really HOT outside (as it has been all week) and yes, that is sort of valid but at the same time is sort of an excuse.   I am feeling really failish. Working out isn't supposed to be “comfortable” yet whenever the environment isn't, I give myself all sorts of reasons NOT to work out. I really need to be slapped sometimes.   I always get all determined, plan out a bunch of stuff with good intentions and then screw up. I missed two workouts already and feel really bad about it. I hate that the thing about weight loss is it's easier said than done. 

Physically: I did eat well yesterday, or so I thought.  Here's a layout of what I ate.

Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal
Lunch: 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of edamame and some miso soup
Dinner: Soba noodles (cold) with dipping sauce. 

¾ of a gallon of water (3 liters)

And all was well until today. (TMI alert) Today I have been having a really hard time in the digestion department.  I feel like I am clogged up and I think it's all the grain I have been eating.  Also the heat is making me feel mildly nauseous. 

In short, I really need a good ass kicking. No, really. I do. I hope those of you in the US who are experiencing this horrible heat wave are staying cool and hydrated. 


  1. girl, you need some protein!

    hey, sorry, let me back up. :) as i've been following your blog i totally relate to your mental-fatigue-i-sick-i-should-be-working-out feeling. i've had a lag in the motivation department and i'm going to blame it on all the life changes (i won't bore you . . . full-time job, full-time student, sick dog, fiance studying for the bar, moving . . . my wedding in sept).

    but, i think it's less about an ass-kicking (although i'm sure i could use one right about now but i might kick back ;) ) and more about us being kind to ourselves. so, in the nature of a good ass-kicking, i implore you to forgive your perceived failings and take it one day, one hour, one step at a time. you're awesome and you can do it! :)

  2. totally agree with catherine! one word...kindness. i think any human can relate to your post of struggling to overcome the same obstacle over and over.

    if i may reiterate something i mentioned in a post once before that helped me, is starting off slower than is comfortable and building. when i started tracy anderson, i did not even think about diet! i did ten reps of each ab and leg exercise in her bootcamp and ten minutes of cardio step touching and that was it. by the time i got to meta, i was able to do nearly forty reps and 30 minutes cardio. the caveat is that results do come slower that way than if i had done the bootcamp 100%. but, starting at the level i did, enabled me to eventually get to my goals, whereas jumping into things only would get me a few days, or at the most a week into the program before i couldn't do it any more, and ultimately that approach failed 100% of the time for me.

    accomplishing little goals on the other hand, helped me build confidence in myself. when i saw that a week had passed and i did my cardio and toning every single day, both my body and my mind were ready to be challenged and move onto more challenges. It sounds like when you mind is in a good space, you are motivated, but then you come to discover your physical body isn't ready, and that's okay. your body is where it is, and you're jumping into a marathon before building up your endurance.

    please forgive me if any of that sounded preachy it was not meant to be. i just want you to feel the relief that i felt that comes with breaking this cycle of being to hard on yourself, feeling like a failure, and over and over. please let me know if there is anything i can do to support you via email or something like that. i wish you happiness and success dear roxy.

  3. Thank you both for dropping by! I agree, I do need to be more slow at starting, even with dieting, (as in not jump to extremes all at once, recipe for fail right there). I think both of you have good points- little goals are better than just focusing on one HUGE one. I really need to work on the cardio endurance in a major way! How long did it take you do build up the endurance to do 40 reps/30 mins cardio, Leah?

    Also you can email me anytime at xxmadonna722xx@yahoo.com