Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello everyone!!!

Sorry I have been a bit quiet here. This week has been less than ideal, at least in terms of working out and dieting.

It's probably been in the news, a great deal of the United States has been going through a horrific heat wave. High humidity plus temperatures in the 90s (F) or 30s ( C ). It has been absolutely miserable- especially since every room in my apartment is NOT air conditioned (and very humid) except my bedroom. My SMALL, no-room-to-work-out bedroom. Today we finally have some relief- thunderstorms and a drastic cool down.

The humidity and heat made it just plain unsafe to work out in my living room, and I have been eating takeout and fast food because cooking in my kitchen was just masochism.

Speaking of bad eating, today is my 26th birthday! And birthdays mean treats, at least in my case. Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with my friend, some starbucks, and even hit Target and picked up 1 pound wrist weights for continuity! Accomplishment!

So the plan is- enjoy my birthday weekend, then hit Metamorphosis and veganism hard on the following Monday. I already re-did my calendar to reflect it. :)

Have a great day and a great weekend!

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