Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Figurerobics Day 2

Hello everyone!

Day 2 (yesterday, these posts are usually delayed a day)’s workout was a doozie.

Day 2 I did the Figure Dumb (short for dumbbell I am guessing) and all I have to say is ow. Just ow. The good, got a good workout in ow, but still. In this video you use dumbbells (the ones in the video are 1.5 pounds, the lightest I have is 3 pounds that I use for my Tracy workouts.)

This workout killed me. By the time it was over I was absolutely DRENCHED. I also could not do all of the reps that they were doing, especially on the legs.  I am noticing a pattern in these videos, that all the moves get repeated, so you’re doing 2 sets of reps. For legs I could only do one, sometimes not able to do the full set even (but still eked out some reps, so I did try.) Maybe it has to do with me using 3 lb weights instead of 1.5 but I doubt it, the leg work didn’t require too much dumbbell involvement, but squats, lunges, and some other leg moves.

Again the audio is in Korean, subtitled in Japanese, still really easy to follow.

So far I have found that these workouts only LOOK easy (especially if you’re unfit like myself) but can actually whip your ass.   I was so tired and sore from this workout, (and it was blazing hellfire outside) that I did not go for my walk as planned. But I did sweat profusely for 30 minutes, that’s something.

Have a great day!

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