Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8 and 9 Metamorphosis


As of today, I have completed days 8 and 9 of my Metamorphosis. However, it was NOT easy. Why? Because of the lovely miracle we ladies get from Mother Nature every month!

Day 8- 2/22

Today I really, really struggled with my exercise. This is the day before Aunt Flo came to visit and when I went to do my MS, it was like someone had come and sapped all of the energy right out of me.  I barely got through abs and arms, and when it came to legs, instead of 25 reps, with great difficulty I could only manage to squeak out 15.  Cardio also was not done, because there was a little emergency that night. Apparently my kitchen sink drain pipe was leaking, and water went all over the floor and into the downstairs apartment (where the landlord lives). So that resulted in people being in my place until about 10:45 at night, too late to do cardio since I have one of the world's squeakiest floors. 

Day 9- 2/23

Today was a bit better with the MS.  I was able to power through 25 reps but toward the end I started to feel weak. (Aunt Flo had actually come this time)  Cardio was just soso, I felt sleepy and tired and just kind of flopped through the movements. I also was (and still am) feeling totally bloated and cranky and craving everything junky under the sun.

Today (2/24) is day 10 of level 1 Omnicentric, meaning tomorrow is time for level 2... Lots of planks ahead. Counting on low reps at first since planks are a big weakness for me.

Also, tonight is measurement time!  I weighed in and I have gained even more weight (due to bloating) so I will wait until Aunt Flo takes her leave, then weigh. I will post my measurements tomorrow with my day 10 blog!

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