Friday, February 11, 2011

So you've been MIA with this blog...

Hey everyone...

I haven't posted a new blog in a really long time. I can explain!
The reason: I have been sick as a dog- I only started getting better yesterday.  I had a really bad cold, fever, coughing up mucus (oooh sexy!) no voice, and my nose dripping worse than a hungry bulldog. 

I do have a Metamorphosis update- I got my copy on the 7th! I would have started already but I was feeling pretty damn craptacular. 
I will post pics of the box, what came inside it, etc.   I also took this sick time to sit down and watch all of the workouts in their entirety, not just to see if they all play well, but also to see what I'm in for.

From what I have seen:

Cardio requires very little space, so all of us small living room people need not worry.
The only equipment you will need is a mat, your shoes and up to 3 lb weights if you're a woman, 5-8 if you're a man.  No chairs, standing legs. The leg work is done on the floor and on all fours (or threes or twos, depending on the move). 

I have also entered a challenge beginning on Valentine's day- do my Meta work outs 6 days a week with a MINIMUM Of 30 minutes of cardio each day.  Cardio has always been my killer. I am willing to do the MS, but then it's cardio time and I'm usually less than enthused. 

Well, that's it for now- posts later to come with pics and possibly a video. Depends if I can get the camcorder set up in such a way that I can do a vlog with it.

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