Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 5-7 Metamorphosis

Hello all!

Sorry I'm late~ I've been really busy over the weekend but I HAVE been sticking to the program!

Friday, 2/18

This would have been day 5, but instead was my first rest day. (I don't count rest days as having numbers)  The previous night, I got very little sleep, about 3 hours max.  I then went to my job and almost fell asleep at my desk (Fun!) Afterwards, I went to dinner with a friend and came home, thinking "I'll take a 2 hour nap and then do my workout". Nope. I ended up just sleeping straight through the night, from 7 pm Friday to 11 am Saturday. 

Saturday, 2/19- Day 5!

Today was day 5 of my Metamorphosis, I was able to keep my leg reps at 23 and did my 30 minutes of cardio.  I also began to notice that my shins have begun to start hurting.

Sunday, 2/20- Day 6!

I know what you're thinking- Sunday is your day off isn't it? Not this week. Friday and Sunday switched places this week.  I squeaked through my MS with 24 reps on legs.  I did my cardio, but could not go as intense as I'd have liked because of the pain in my legs. Better to be less intense than not done at all.

Monday, 2/21- Day 7!

Today was a bit disastrous.  The day started out great- I went to the mall with a friend of mine and we walked around for a couple of hours and had some lunch. Later that night, however, disaster struck.  My landlord came upstairs just as I was getting ready to exercise to tell me that there was water dripping down into their apartment. My kitchen drain pipe had sprung a leak. So that resulted in people being in my apartment asking things of me until about 10 pm.   I was so irritated that I was close to just not working out, but I ended up doing my MS at a new high- 25 reps per leg.  Cardio didn't get done for the sole purpose that 11 pm is too late at night to be jumping around, especially when the landlord was just upstairs. 

I think I am all caught up now.  I weighed in this morning and was a little disheartened.

Last Thursday- 269.0 lb
Today- 270.2 lb.

However, considering the time of the month that it is for me right now, that really isn't bad. I actually feel quite bloated and "that time" could start any minute. Usually the weight gain is a lot worse, so I'll check back after my body is finished doing what it's gotta do.  Also I am not only gauging my progress by weight but by inches too, which will be measured on day 10. I do see visual stuff happening, my belly is starting to deflate and I'm seeing the dreaded old man wrinkle skin.  Weight loss, especially at the level I am trying to do it, is one of those things that looks worse before it looks better.  On the plus side- when I saw my friend, I took off my jacket and she saw my arms and said "wow". She asked how long I had been working out exactly and I nonchalantly said "Oh, 6 days..."  Maybe I can make her a Tracy convert!

For the rest of the day- I get to finish up my class day, write a paper and go home and do my meta!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hey good luck! You're doing so well, and it also keeps me inspired (which is totally selfish of me, but still - thanks!)