Monday, February 14, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!

Today is two noteworthy days.

1. It's Valentine's Day!
2. It's my first day of Metamorphosis!

Before I begin, here are the pics of what comes inside the box, as promised. 

This is what you will see when you open the box- a message from Tracy printed on the lid, the documents (on the left- there are several stacked on top of eachother- on the right is the package with the DVDs inside, and above that is the tape measure.

Here is the paper work that comes with the set in more detail (pardon the ugly brown carpeting) Clockwise from top left- A letter to the client from Tracy, contact information to share your success story, eating plan, workout tracker, and lastly, the get started booklet.

The workout tracker is actually a calendar with a chart on the back for writing your measurements. I do not want to write on the original so I made a color copy on my scanner, wrote in all the dates and taped it on my wall like so:

(Love the pink pen!)

Lastly, here is a picture of the DVD package in more detail.

A common complaint is that during shipment, the DVDs shift out of their sleeves and sometimes get scratched. Just a heads up. Thankfully mine were OK!

Ok, now that you see what you're getting, let's talk about my first day!

I took my measurements and recorded them on my chart.

Bust: 47.5 inches
Right Arm: 18 inches
Left Arm: 19 inches
Waist: 46.5 inches
Hips: 53 inches
Right Thigh: 33 inches
Left Thigh: 33 inches
Weight: 273.2 lb

I did my MS work- also called the Transform portion of the workout, and while it LOOKS easy, it certainly is NOT.

Arms: I really like this part because it has both unweighted and weighted arms. It's on the short side but still tires me out just in time to move to the next section.

Abs: First, it starts with standing ab isolation work. Then it goes on to floor mat work. It's not long either but it still challenged me. I was able to do all reps but struggling. 

Legs: Oh, legs and butt. How I loathe thee. The amount of reps I did per move varies a lot.  The first two moves I was able to crank out 20 reps. The next, 15, the next, 10. The last two are more like balance work, I did 20 of those too. The move I could only do 10 of involves having your leg out to the side on all fours and lifting it up and down (more or less).  It was VERY hard and I wanted to cry after 4 reps- I learned really right then what Tracy means by accessory muscles- it was all those, baby! 

Cardio: Yes, I did my cardio.  Since I am not up for jumping around like Tracy yet (and I was working out at night) I step touched my cardio but really went all-out for 30 minutes. I have never done dance cardio for 30 minutes straight with no breaks. And boy, was I drenched, red and shaky after the whole ordeal. Shaky from my muscles waking up, not in a hypoglycemic way.

As for diet- I had 2 slim fast shakes for breakfast and lunch, 2 snack bars, and for dinner I had homemade Korean soup called doenjang jigae- very low calorie.  Made with potatoes, onions, zucchini, tofu and Korean miso paste. Delicious and healthy! Total calories for the day- approximately 1200.