Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 11 Metamorphosis!


I began level 2 of Omnicentric Metamorphosis and it was actually easier than it looks but still quite difficult.  The arms are faster, as are the standing abs but that wasn't the problem for me. Floor abs were the same speed as before, but with different movements.   Now the legs... The first two moves are pretty harmless. The first one involves you having one arm behind your back while moving the leg on the opposite side. No problems there, that one was pretty easy.  The next one was easy too, having your working leg crossed over the supporting leg and lift it into a diagonal.  After this is where it gets to be a pain. The two plank moves- being in a pushup position for one while moving one leg and the other plank involves being on your forearms and moving your leg.  These really challenged my arms and abs more than my leg.  Then, the worst one for me- having the arm and leg on one side supporting you while your other arm and leg are in the air. I could only do this one about 5 times before I just kept toppling over.  She says in the video the main goal with this move is to challenge your balance. Tracy, you have NO idea.  The last two moves are actually not too bad.  One is laying on your side and doing a variation of the frog kick (for those of you familiar with the moves in her book) and a side plank- but it is done on  your knee and you come to the ground after each time. It's not as bad as it looks!

The thing with me and legs, the first couple of days I do struggle because I am still getting used to the new movements but over the 10 day period, I am usually able to build up to 25-30 reps. Let's hope I can do it with this level!

Skipped on cardio for day 11 because it was late and cardio disturbs the neighbors. The goal for day 12 is to do double the cardio- probably using the beginner dance cardio because freestyling is getting a little boring to me and I always watch the clock and put myself through mental hell when doing it.

Also I want to perhaps start doing my workout before breakfast on days I don't have to be at school at 8 am (Monday, Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and Saturday.  Sunday too if I don't use it as a rest day).  Supposedly that helps burn more fat.
Eating dinner now, and off to do my day 12 workout!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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