Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

I have successfully done 3 days of Metamorphosis... And I have a weight update for you!!!

Starting weight- 273.2 lb
Today's weight- 269.0 lb

Yes. 4.2 pounds in 3 days. And I'm NOT starving myself, although I do work pretty damn hard.

Upped my legs reps in MS work to 22 reps a leg- I think I have somewhat hit my limit, my legs are exceptionally sore now, and not particularly the good sore.  As for cardio, I was able to be a little tiny bit more jumpy with some of the moves but that made me get a little weaker toward the end.  I actually had to stop midway and take a 5 minute water and sit down break because I just felt like I was going to just slow down and topple over. I did finish up the full 30 minutes in the end. 

I also started getting those god awful cravings associated with that time of the month- PMS. I was craving almost all day, but out of some miracle, I resisted. The only thing I did was have 1 cup of orange juice after my workout in an attempt to shut the craving up.  My total calories yesterday: 1215. 

That's it for day 3- looking forward to doing my day 4 work tonight.

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