Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4 report

Hi everyone!

Day 4... didn't go as well as I had HOPED. It wasn't terrible but it could have been a lot better.  Everything started going well, I even got my dance cardio in- 20 minutes from 10! :)

Until I checked the mail. A letter from my school saying after this semester, I will no longer be eligible for financial aid because I guess I'm taking too long to finish.  Insert panicking stress.

I was so stressed, worried and frantic last night that I was online looking for other ways to pay for school (I have about 2 years left), and worrying that I'll be stuck working retail for the rest of my life because I couldn't afford to go to become the nurse I had dreamed of being. Then by the time I look at the clock, it's 1 am. MS not done. Ugh.  At least I have the balls to admit I screwed up.

I'll try to do better for day 5- there's still time... Wish me luck, I need all the luck I can get.

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