Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 of Boot Camp!

Hello everyone!

Day 2 is complete!!! (just so you know, blogs will be posted about the previous day usually)

So how'd it go?  Tiring, VERY tiring.  I woke up feeling like I got run over by a train from day 1 and I only did 15 reps on day 1.  I went to the mall to run some errands and my friend I was with told me I was falling asleep. This is true.  I was also walking around for a couple hours, so didn't do my dance cardio.  However, I did do my MS for day 2, still 15 reps and it was a hellish struggle. When I was done I could barely raise my arms up enough to wash my hair.  Went to sleep at 12 am and woke up at 11 am today! In the book she mentions flu like symptoms, exhaustion, and feeling like a ton of bricks. Check, check, checkaroo!

I hear it will get better and easier the more I do it. Let's hope!!!! 

Also- I ordered a 20 pack of ThinkThin bars that Tracy recommends- I will be using these as an on the go meal (or when I am at school or work and need a bite). 

To get them as cheap as I did (about 20 dollars shipped) choose to have them autodelivered (this can be canceled any time) and Amazon is having a sale on ThinkThins- an additional 15% off- I saved about 10 dollars doing this.  I hope they're good! I should be getting them today. 

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  1. Ooh you'll like them (I really like the chocolate PB). Or at least I hope you do - and they do keep you filled for a few hours, so are a good meal replacement!