Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1 cleanse (pm) and day 2 cleanse (am)

Hi everyone!

As you read, I last posted about my morning on the cleanse I started. Here's how the evening went. 

I had my second snack (the peanut butter bar, which I may say is delicious for a "health" bar), and for dinner, my strawberry shake.  Strawberry shakes are now the part of this cleanse I look forward to, because they actually taste pretty good for what it is!   For my serving of fruit/vegetables, I had a good sized Korean pear- not too sweet, really watery and crunchy. I suggest you try them- very good! (I am not normally a fruit person by the way)
Now for how it made me feel- I found myself getting tired a bit easier.  I went to the laundrymat to do the wash, and the process of carrying it down the stairs, doing the laundry, folding and carrying it back up just knocked me out.  I was just drained.  As for the promise of boosted energy, yes I did feel that during the day, mentally but physically was another story. 

Also, this is not necessarily a bowel cleanse, but for me, I was on the toilet about 7 times, and I certainly felt like that's what it was doing.

Day 2-

I weighed myself on the gym scale finally (with  my workout clothes on and barefoot) and my "official" weight is 275.4 pounds/125.1 kg.  My scale at home, like I said, can't make up its mind.

So far, I just had my first shake (chocolate- getting that one out of the way!) and snack bar.  Also, I put in my 30 minute walk.  I really realized how out of shape I am because walking for 30 minutes at 3 miles per hour, I had a heart rate of 140 the whole time, which for walking I think is a bit high. And I was sweaty on top of it. I am making sure to stay hydrated of course. 

An update on my schooling: This semester is paid for, I have applied for scholarships for next year. Hopefully I know soon!!

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