Monday, January 3, 2011

Boot Camp Day 1!

Hello everyone!!!

Yesterday was my first day of boot camp!  And, I actually thought for a moment yesterday that my workouts wouldn't get done... I was incredibly busy!

Starting weight (according to my scale that can't seem to make up its mind) 270.4 lb/123 kg.  Yuccck! 
Measurements- didn't take them yet but I have (horrifying) before pics. 

So what made me so busy yesterday?  I actually went grocery shopping at my local Korean market, and I found that all of the foods I plan to use as staples in my diet were on sale!  I got tofu for 99 cents a package (at the American grocery  by me tofu is like, 5 bucks a pack!) and got about 30 of them- they don't expire anytime soon and they can be frozen. Miso paste, lean sliced beef (almost 0 fats on it), kimchi (very healthy but for some it's an acquired taste), and some fruits.   The really fun part was carrying all of this up the stairs.  Very heavy and already made me think "How the hell am I going to get my MS done if I am tired from this??"

Next, I had to wash my mountain of laundry, another up and down the stairs with heavy stuff adventure. 

By the time I got home from doing these things I felt pretty much spent. Then the little voice in my head started screaming at me- "Um, you know there's something ELSE you better do!" So... I dragged my butt off the chair, put on my dancing shoes and hit it. 

I did my MS- 15 reps and that killed me.  (Still feeling it today) and as for cardio I thought I would be able to handle the moderate beginner plan. Nope. Still on Absolute beginner which means that I did 10 minutes of cardio, just step touching it (and still performing) and it kicked. My. Ass. 

So, I am glad to say day 1 is over, looking forward to day 2!

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