Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi everyone-

Sorry I seem to have dropped off the blogging planet for the past few days. I haven't given up, promise!!!

I have been doing extensive research on finding new ways to bring money and get a job. I haven't given up my exercise, don't worry! I've just been stressed.

I mentioned earlier about a cleanse and diet program I am going to put myself on.  That cleanse is the RESET program by a company called Usana (whose products my friend sells), which involves for 5 days a shake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and 2 snacks, which are all natural gluten free bars (not so different from ThinkThins).  Then, after that 5 days, you still have breakfast and lunch in shake form but have a healthy low sugar dinner and one low sugar snack (the other snack is another bar).  You are still allowed exercise while doing this (but the first 5 days has to be something like walking).

I am hoping this program helps me learn to control my eating, because it is seeming like portion control is somewhat hard especially when it comes to foods I find particularly delicious (read: UNHEALTHY). Also the goal is when you are close to or at your ideal weight, you slowly incorporate healthy meals back into your diet to maintain your weight. I really hope this works for me and I am fairly confident that it will.

I also begin going to the gym again next week for the sole purpose of using the treadmill for treadmill dancing/walking, and perhaps FINALLY trying out my MS work in front of a mirror~ (Probably will get a lot of stares but I don't care)

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