Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 Report!

Hi guys!!!

Completed day 3 yesterday- and I have good news~~~ It DOES get easier!

For days 1-2 I was stuck at 15 reps on everything but my abs, which were done with 10 reps.  For day 3 I was able to raise the reps a little. I did 20 on my body and 15 reps on my abs.  And for those of you who know the moves- I was able to do that horribad connection push up (I was hardly able to do it at all!) for the full recommended time- 10 reps per knee and 10 reps both knees. 

As for cardio- day 3 was my last day to just do combo 1 step touching.  I actually feel that I am ready to go for both combos this time.  It's funny how on Sunday (day 1) doing just combo one made me feel totally exhausted, now it's much easier for me. 

As for my eating- I have been keeping with my calories- I am eating more calories than the boot camp diet because I am heavier.  

I posted a link in a previous entry to where I got my info- Calorie Calculator

I haven't weighed in yet but I am seeing a little shrinkage going on- in  my belly and my thighs, and a little on my arm.  

For day 4- I will try for 25 reps!


  1. You go girl! I haven't did my workout yet for the day. My body was exhausted!

  2. Awesome! So are you not following the meal plan?

  3. Way to go. It's like that though.. You think you pooped and the next day you can add another combo or more reps.

  4. No I am not following the meal plan this time. Too restrictive for my lifestyle but I am watching the calories.