Monday, January 10, 2011

First weekend of bootcamp

Hi everyone... 

Well, this was the first weekend of bootcamp but it didn't go well.  I am realizing how bad my habits are, and that makes them all the more harder to break.

My main bad habit- which I really think is sabotaging all of this- my eating.  I have been doing the workouts but then, I end up stuffing my face more.  I think this is the hardest part of all of it.

I came across something I hope will help me- a friend of mine sells products from a company called Usana (they specialize in health products, vitamins, etc.) and they have something called the 5 day reset- supposedly it is supposed to reset your metabolism and kick start dieting, then after you drink shakes as meal replacement with a real food dinner.  I am figuring it's worth a try, Tracy mentions in one of her blog posts that when you're trying to lose weight and just getting into exercise, replace 2 meals with ThinkThin bars and use the other one as the main meal. 

Speaking of ThinkThins- I ordered a box, got them and as far as protein/diet bars go, these seem to be on the better tasting end of the spectrum.  I got a variety pack with chunky peanut butter, brownie crunch and chocolate fudge.  Out of these, I like the chocolate fudge the best- to me the chunky pb has a bit of a grainy texture to it but otherwise tastes good. 

Have I tried using ThinkThins as a meal replacement? Not yet, that's on the list for tomorrow.   Also, tomorrow starts day 10 of my boot camp sequence 1- then it's switching time!

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