Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exercise ruts and some ways to bust out!

Hi guys!

Many of you may know me from the Tracy Anderson Method group on facebook where I post fairly often.

One of my recent posts was about my exercise and diet rut that I seem to be stuck in.

As you can see I used to be very actively doing exercise and somewhat dieting.  This lasted about a month or so and then I got sick, and I took off from exercising.  This turned into over a month now of excuses and laziness.  I just haven't felt like exercising or eating well really. 

Giving it some thought, I thought of some reasons for my lack of motivation.

1. Lately my sleep schedule has been really off kilter.  When I was into the exercising, I woke up at a reasonable time and went to bed around midnight. Now its more like sleep at 4 am, sleep all morning until the afternoon, feel like crap for the rest of the day, repeat.   Today I woke up at 7:30 am, and have been forcing myself to be awake for the rest of the day in an attempt to get this back on track.

2. I have been feeling really stiff, bloated, and like I've aged 60 years.  Also my lady friend is all off kilter too. Both I believe are attributed to my first thing. 

3. Stress I don't think is too much of a factor, at least in the mental kind of way, but I guess the lack of sleep could be physically stressing.

So the bottom line- GET  MY ASS TO BED!!!!  Haha. All kidding aside, I got a lot of helpful advice and support from my friends in the TA group.  This advice really goes for any kind of exercise rut, not just TA.

- Choose a day to work out and just do it- with the mentality that next time will be easier. 
- Start small- build up the amount and intensity gradually until you are back in your old swing of things.
- If the reason for your rut is plain old boredom, switch up your exercise.
- (A funny one) Get naked and do yoga in front of the mirror- ew! Hahaha!
- Keep yourself accountable to someone- be it online or one of your friends. Preferably someone with similar fitness goals/type of exercise that you are doing.
- (For those who are doing TA like I am) Try her boot camp book that just came out. 

Speaking of book, that is the number one thing I want for Christmas this year, even if it's ALL I get. 

 Today I am going to take a walk outside and stretch. I feel too stiff and weird to do TA today, especially in my hips. Ouch!  I think I will hit the Tracy Wagon full force by  Monday, taking today - Sunday to stretch myself out and re-calibrate my sleep.

How do you guys get out of YOUR ruts? 


  1. I have to switch it up if I'm in a rut, because generally boredom is what caused it. If I do the same exercise for too long, even if it's something I love, I'm bound to get bored with it. My body (and mind) like variety, so switching the exercise works great for me.

  2. You can so do this! When you feel discouraged or defeated, know that you have loads of people to support you and cheer you on.