Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello everyone!

Started weight watchers today- beginning with my first weigh in. I wasn't pleased. 

New starting weight- 262.5 pounds / 120 kg... Uggghhh..... I have never weighed this much, ever. Well, it's a starting point.

Daily Points- 33

For those of you unfamiliar to Weight Watchers, food is assigned a points value based on a calculation of its calories, fat and fiber.  As you lose weight, your daily points value will go down, causing you to eat less or eat more healthy stuff. 

At the beginning, 33 is kind of a lot, gives a lot of leeway as to what I can eat.  Another good thing about weight watchers is no food is off limits as long as you stay within your points value. Also they give you 35 extra per week for splurges, but those are optional.  You can also earn points by exercising, eating those are also optional. (I'm going to try not to)

So here's how I ate-


Oatmeal- 2 points


McDonalds Quarter Pounder- 12 points


6 inch subway BMT sandwich- 13 points


2 cans of coke- 6 points

Not healthiest but Mondays I am stuck at the office/school for almost the entire day.

I did manage to get a good brisk 10 minute walk doing errands for work, and about 5 minutes brisk walking to the bus to go to work.  That earned me 1 activity point which I am not going to eat.

Mondays are also the hardest days for me to do the Tracy Anderson Method because when I get home I am so exhausted, they are my work- class days.   Tomorrow I will crank out some TAM! 

So all in all, I did alright today. Alright, off to bed. See you tomorrow~


  1. Hey there Roxy - good luck! You're off to a great start, and don't get discouraged - we all have to start somewhere, and we're all in it together. I've only been on TAM for two weeks, but just know that it starts out really hard - I won't lie, but just power through it, and you'll get it done, and feel amazing afterward. I'm already noticing changes. Good luck, and stick with it - it's nice to know someone else out there is going through this too!

  2. See, that's my only issue with Weight Watchers... People see that they have x amount of points and they're allowed to eat anything as long as they stay within them, so they often don't eat well. While you may still lose weight this way, your body isn't going to be nearly as healthy as if you were doing it by eating mostly healthy food. I would encourage you, next time you're stuck with McDonald's and Subway as your options, to get something like a salad with grilled chicken from McDonald's so that you can get some veggies in, and try out one of the healthier options from Subway, like the turkey, roast beef, etc. And please please please cut out the soda. It is so harmful to your body and so counterproductive to weight loss.

    But, good job on sticking within your points. I really hope this is coming off as constructive criticism, because that's how it's meant. I just want you to be able to lose weight and be healthy, because it seems like that is what you really want. Good luck with the exercise tomorrow! :)