Sunday, October 31, 2010

Countdown to Boot Camp- T-minus 1 day!

Hi guys!

First off, I want to wish all of you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  

Alright, I have a list of things to do before the big day tomorrow. 

1. Take my before pics. Well, that fits right in with the theme of Halloween. Pretty damn scary~
2. Take my measurements.  
3. Perhaps make my little intro video, if not today then definitely for day 1. 

I have seen a lot of you guys who have done the boot camp before me get really good results- even those of us who were less "in shape" than others.  If anything this excites me more about starting.  I admit I am a little scared to start too. I am afraid I am going to start my usual bullshit cycle of making excuses, skipping workouts, then crying later how I didn't see improvement.  That's what I've got you guys for, right? :) 

I have my calendar all written out for November- both plan for muscular structure and my cardio.  I'm sitting here as I type enjoying some bratwursts and when I do laundry in a bit, going to have me a good ol' caramel frappucino from Starbucks.  After 11:59 pm tonight, there's no turning back.  In a way, not only am I doing this to lose weight and get healthier, but to prove to the people who have told me "Oh you won't last the 30 days. I know you. You always quit. You'll never lose weight. Being fat is part of who you are". (Yes, I HAVE been told this.)  I wanna be able to open a super-duper-economy-family size can of FUCK YOU on their asses! :D

Also I have found that I do have an inner skinny girl and an inner fat girl.  The inner skinny girl is itching to start, she wants to be free from this prison that my inner fat girl locked her into.  Skinny girl's almost gotten out a couple times, only to be thwarted by the fat girl.  Time to overthrow her! 

Also in another blog I've been reading, there's mention of internal radio stations KFUK (K Fuck- all negativity, all the time) and KLUV (K Love, the opposite of KFUK) and I admit, my brain seems to be a HUGE fan of KFUK because that's what the fat girl likes to listen to and it keeps the skinny girl hiding in her prison cell.  I personally think KFUK should be just shut down permanently so nobody has to listen to their crap. 

I know I'm rambling... Sorries.  This will be my final blog before giving myself over to Tracy Anderson.  Godspeed. 


  1. Good luck! You'll do fine - it's hard, but you feel really really good afterward (a little stiff legged, I won't lie, but it's worth it)!

  2. You can totally do it! Don't listen to the negativity. Those people are just jealous and don't like change. I know people like that, too. They don't want you becoming skinnier than they are. They don't want to have to feel guilty about their own ways once you do become skinnier then them (which, I think you totally can do this)! Just say, for 30 days, I am going to do this and give it 100 percent of what I have. Thirty days is going to come and go so fast! Good luck!

  3. Thanks both of you!!!

    @Susan- I sure hope so!! I'm starting at the ultra beginner level- 20 reps and steptouching the cardio.

    @Lolita- Yeah I know people like that too (who, surprise surprise, are also fat!) who give me a hell of a hard time every time I'm "dieting". As I said, big can of "F*** YOU!" for their asses when I do the bootcamp, even bigger can when I hit my goal!