Saturday, October 30, 2010

Countdown to Boot Camp- T-minus 2 days

Hi everyone!!!

Firstly I would like to thank my followers- I noticed this morning there's a little more of you!  I always appreciate your support even if I can't always comment back. 

2 days (including today) left before I begin bootcamp.  I finished reading the book- so I will share what I have learned and what I think.

My bible for the month of November. 

1. The only con- the menu is full of expensive ingredients that a lot of grocery stores don't have.  However there is a part where Tracy mentions eating clean, fresh, unprocessed natural foods, and there are so many foods like that that are commonly found and that aren't so expensive.  I am not following her diet to the letter this time, but I am going to be eating clean in other ways.  I have seen other who have done the same thing and still achieved great results doing this bootcamp. 

2. I love, love, LOVE the fact that finally, Tracy lays out clear-cut instructions for beginners, even those who are really out of shape (like me) and have never exercised before (might as well be me). She even lays out a timeline based on fitness level how to do your cardio to build up to 40 minutes by the end of the month.  A very important piece of advice- if you are out of shape and doing the dance cardio- NO JUMPING!  For the muscular structure, she says start with 20 reps and build up, but if you can't do that many even, that's fine, but build up the reps a little more each day until you are able to do 40. 

3. I like how the book is hard cover, so that I don't have to worry too much about my book getting all bent up and dogeared from reading it. :) 

4. I noticed in the book she mentions the kinds of people she helped while developing the method- notably one who had gastric bypass and couldn't afford to get a body lift.  Apparently Tracy's method worked to pull all that skin in, which is something I have been really worried about on my own body.  I am not just trying to lose 30 pounds.  Try 140 pounds. And I have always feared that when I lose all of my weight I will be left looking like a sharpei dog.

Cute on a dog, not on a woman!

I am still really excited about starting this, especially seeing the results that others have achieved after just one month!  People not nearly as overweight as I am losing almost 20 pounds (a little under 10 kg).  I can only imagine how it will work on me, with so much more to lose. 

If you haven't bought the book yet, since I can't say for myself that it works or not (not yet!), I advise you read it somehow, borrow from a friend, a library, etc and at least give it a read. 

Also, I am taking this opportunity to enjoy junk food all that I can this weekend, since it's all going bye-bye after 11:59 pm tomorrow night.


  1. You can do it! Also, you are young, and will lose the weight gradually (I'm not saying it will take forever, but your skin at this age is more elastic). If you were, say, to have lipo and lose it all at once, the skin probably wouldn't snap back. But, since it'll take a bit, your skin will snap back better. You'll do great! And just know that no matter how many pounds you have to lose, it can be overwhelming for anyone - I have more than a few myself, and have those days, but don't let that trip you up -this works, and the way you will start to feel will make it worth it!

  2. Roxy, so excited for you! I've just finished bootcamp and got a LOT out of it in terms of changing my lifestyle for the better. Still got a long way to go but it seems more achievable now. Will be cheering you along!!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    Carrie xo

  3. @ Susan- I'm still only (?) 25, and I have always thought "I'm gonna need serious lipo and a body lift when I lose all this" but when I hear stories of women older than me, women who lost more than me (gastric bypass) and THEIR skin got back to the muscle it gives me (and my wallet) hope. Less money on surgery = more money to spend on cute clothes with no scars!

    @Carrie- I'm glad you finished~ I hope bootcamp changes me for the better too. As a junk food addict the worst part will be dieting. I heard after a while you no longer want those crap foods.

  4. Hi again - I promise I won't keep bothering you, but have to admit, it's super nice to know someone else is doing TAM too! Anyway, I meant to tell you that my sister lost over 150 pounds on Weight Watchers about five or six years ago, and she was about 35 and had spent YEARS baking in the sun. What has always amazed me, and what I think is hopeful for you is that her skin really did pop back (not everywhere, I'll admit - she does have loose skin under her arms), but my word - I was truly shocked (is that horribly mean to say? - I mean, I just was!). I really did think she would need surgery because of the extent of sun damage. So, long story short - you're far younger, and the skin comes back easier in your twenties - I think as long as you don't do anything drastic in terms of losing the weight by starvation, you should be fine. (Also - looking at your photo, it looks like you stay out of the sun, which is REALLY key - I seriously can't emphasize that enough). Good luck - you'll do great, and you'll really start to have more energy - that was the biggest thing I noticed after the bootcamp. Ok, I'll shut it now :)

  5. @Susan- No, not mean to say that you were shocked, 150 is a LOT to lose and for just her arms to have a little bit loose is pretty good!

    Also, you are correct- I avoid the sun as much as possible. I almost never leave the house without sunscreen at least on my face. Oh- you're not a bother at all!!!! :D I love getting comments- it means people READ this!