Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 37- 9/7/10


Today I threw all of that laziness out of the window and had a pretty strong day today.  Had pretty healthy food too!

Calorie goal today: 1350


1 bowl of oatmeal- 150 calories
1/2 T of butter- 75 calories
1 T of brown sugar- 45 calories


15 creme brulee flavored rice cakes- 120 calories
1 can of sugar free Red Bull- 10 calories


2 cups of whole wheat pasta- 350 calories
1/2 cup marinara sauce- 70 calories
1/2 T olive oil (in the boiling water) 60 calories


Microwave fat free popcorn mini bag- 100 calories


1 cup of corn- 120 calories
 4 1/2 ounces grilled filet mignon steak- 215 calories


2 mint lifesavers- 30 calories
12 cups of water (3 of my bottles worth)

Total calories: 1345 calories: goal met!


Did my Perfect Design 1, it is now to the point that I memorized all of the leg movements and it is now a little easier to do 20 of those each. I do the beginning legs without the dvd, laying down abs and onward I go with the dvd.  At the end of the arms section there is a little leg section which is lifting your legs in an attitude position 2 different ways. These STILL kill me and I can only do 10, always have.  I still feel like my hips and hamstrings are really really tight and I think this is what is doing it.

As for cardio- I went to the park today and did moves from the treadmill webisode, and tried out the GOOP dance cardio routine.  I was able to power through 10 minutes of good, high impact, sweaty cardio, after 10 minutes I was absolutely beat. Also since PD1 tires me pretty well too, I take that into consideration.

I'm glad I got back on the wagon strong! Have a great night!

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