Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 43- 9/13/10


In case anyone noticed, I haven't blogged since last Thursday.  Why? I have to confess- I fell off the wagon for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I think it might still be hormonal in part.  This month, my period is actually a week late (not preggers, took 3 tests last week) and I am still feeling symptoms like it's about to come any day, including the fatigue, cravings, laziness, etc etc.  Over the weekend I also WAAAAYYYY overindulged.  I made too good of friends with pizza, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc but today I stopped that nonsense. I also stepped on the scale and was horrified. 

Last week's weight: 249.5 lb
This week..... 257.3 lb... I gained a whole 8 pounds almost. (Some of this is probably PMS bloating but my weekend diet did NOT HELP)

With my newly adjusted weight, I re-calculated my calorie needs for this week. 

Today's goal: 1721


2 slices of wheat toast- 133 calories
1 bowl of oatmeal- 150 calories
1 Tbsp of butter (some on the toast, some on oatmeal)- 100 calories
1 Tbsp of brown sugar- 45 calories

Midmorning snack-

Protein shake- 140 calories


1 bowl of Korean cold noodle soup (really high in fiber, low in fat) 480 calories

Midafternoon snack-

Caramel rice cakes- 60 calories


6 inch Italian BMT sub from Subway- 550 calories


Caramel rice cakes- 70 calories (I ate a couple more than the other snack)

Total calories for today: 1728- just made it~


Did PD1 and after taking a few days off... Boy does it hurt!!! Had class tonight and was really tired so I didn't do my cardio. I was just starting to get good at 20 reps, but now it hurts more all over again.

Speaking of PD1, I will probably be staying on this DVD for quite a while.  I posted a question to Tracy's people about how I know when I have mastered a DVD to start moving on to the 10 day rotations, and they told me when I am able to do all of the moves and keep up with Tracy in the video, then it's time to start switching it up.  I feel like that's still a while off. Now I am not going to focus on the amount of reps I do, but work on keeping up with her and doing the moves until either she finishes or I can no longer do it in good form.  Tomorrow, my goal is to have cardio in my day.


  1. Hi Roxanne- I applaud you for getting back right on each and every time.

    I think you should try and make your diet as clean as possible. Eliminate the sodium and all the processed foods and sugar. Only eat lean means (chicken, turkey, fish), vegetables, fruits, and oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes. The less options you have in regards to the certain foods you can eat, the less overwhelming and faster the weight will come off. I would shoot for no more than 1400 calories a day. Try that for one week and see what happens. Try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, as well. Right now, I would focus the most on cardio. That is more important than the Mat, as it will get you to lose weight more quickly! Mat is more important later on when you get closer to your goal weight to tone up.

  2. Thanks!!!

    I will do that. I will try to do the entire BDC DVD every day *that's about 20 minutes to music, 20 to the learning which still makes me sweat a bit* If I still have energy at night, or after working out, I'll do my PD1. :)

    Actually I do have brown rice, some frozen veggies, oatmeal and potatoes (and some whole wheat pasta/organic sauce) And I will try the 1400 calories guideline. The eating part has been a bit confusing because one person tells me I don't eat enough, others say I eat too much, etc etc.