Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 34- 9/4/10


Today was not a good day for me. I feel like I slipped off the wagon and hanging on my a thread.  

My appetite today was absolutely insane. I ate what I PLANNED on eating, then ate even more, and on top of that I am tired, bloated, and my monthly friend is due in a couple of days.  Again, I wish I was one of those women who doesn't get PMS symptoms.  I normally eat out of control for a week or so before it comes, this time was just one day. 

And of course, no excercise. Stuffed full of garbage I didn't need to eat and sleepy sleepy SLEEPY.   However, I did try to run through the beginner dance cardio routine from GOOP to see if it can be done in my living room, since some of the other combinations are a bit tight.

I am pretty disappointed in myself to be honest but at least I am coming out and saying I screwed up.  Tomorrow going to take it easy and flush all this excess water out of me, today I had almost no water to drink, drank diet Dr. Pepper instead. 

So in short, I actually fell OFF the wagon today, but will hop back on strong!

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