Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 36- 9/6/10


Today is Monday- beginning week 6~

Time to weigh in~

Weight: 249.5 lb/113.4 kg-1.8 lb/0.81 kg loss from last week!

Today was Labor Day in America, a day where we tend to barbecue a lot, and eat, and well, do anything BUT labor!   I didn't go to any barbecue but I did a little of my own at home.  Hormones were on the rage today, but I did not step over my daily calorie limit. (I'm still calorie cycling~)

Today's limit was 2,095 calories. (Yum yum!) I didn't make the healthiest choices either because of my hormones but I still didn't over do it.


1 bowl of rice- 200 calories
1 pat of butter- 100 calories (I was craving buttered rice, which is something I haven't had in ages. I normally don't even use butter)
A little container of Orange juice- 90 calories


10 piece chicken nuggets at Mcdonalds- 460 calories
3/4 of an order of large fries (couldn't finish them, threw the rest out)- 375 calories
Sweet and sour sauce for my chicken- 48 calories


8 ounce of steak-  cooked at home well done on the George Foreman grill- 712 (approximate- I don't know if beef calories are based on raw or cooked weight so I just used the worse case scenario here)

Corn- 90 calories

Water- 12 cups of water/3 Liters of water today!


Felt fatigued most of the day, almost, ALMOOOSST didn't exercise- but guess what? I ended up powering through Perfect Design 1 even though it was 9:30 pm.  I was so, so close to saying "screw it" and just waiting until tomorrow, but then knowing me, tomorrow would be the same, and it would become a fatal chain reaction making me not only fall off the wagon, but land face first in mud while the wagon goes speeding off with no hope of catching it. We can't have that, now can we? :) 

On another note, I rewatched TA's little trampoline workout... And now I really want a trampoline/rebounder of my own.  No noise on the floor, easier on the joints, no coordination needed if I feel a little out of it, and hell, jumping is fun anyway! 

Have a great night, see you tomorrow!!

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  1. You go girl for exercising even when you really didn't want to! Those days are the most important ones.