Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Another good day here back in the swing of things.  2 days back in and already I see myself flattening out again and the scale starting to go down. Very motivating!

I had a pretty low cal day today I think.  I don't really count calories anymore, but eat cleaner and keep my portions smallish instead. 

2 hard boiled eggs
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup (measured) of orange juice


Romaine mixed salad (a good size bowl, two really big handfuls and a little more)
1 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar


Grilled chicken breast 
1 cup of brown rice
Green beans

I wasn't too hungry today but I made sure to eat when I was.  Also drank 12 cups of water (about 3 liters)


PD1 with 15 reps per leg.  The butt workouts after the arm section KILL me even to do 10. It's always been like that.  I have always had trouble building muscle.  At one point I even tried personal training and lifting weights, and I did so every other day and barely got stronger.  In 4 months I went from curling 15 pounds to 20. And that was a struggle in itself.  I actually took a body type quiz and found out that I am a mix of an endomorphic type and an ectomorph type.  The endomorph causes me to have a slower metabolism, and the ectomorph part keeps me from building muscle to boost it.  Makes perfect sense.  I was slim for a lot of my life until I blew up in my early adult years. 

If interested, the quiz is here:

As for cardio, this time I wasn't able to do QUITE as much (only 5 minutes, running late for class) but I really put my all into it.  When I enter it into my ipod app, I list it as vigorous rope jumping (At this point I'm doing mostly jumping jacks and jumps because my legs are really weak... Even after 5 minutes I'm on fire!) and it comes up as I burned about 100 calories.  I believe it. :)

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