Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 38- 9/8/10


Today was another high calorie day for me, this time I ate better food than McDonalds.

Calorie goal: 1933


1 bowl oatmeal- 150 calories
1 Tbsp brown sugar- 45 calories
1 Tbsp whipped butter- 67 calories (apparently whipped is lower cal than stick butter, probably because it's less dense.)

Morning snack

12 creme brulee flavored rice cakes- 90 calories


Healthy choice Manicotti TV dinner- 350 calories
2 pieces of corn on the cob- 166 calories
1 2/3 Tbsp of whipped butter *for the corn* 112 calories


2 servings of garden salsa Sun Chips- 280 calories


5 ounces broiled filet mignon- 240 calories
1 piece of corn on the cob- 83 calories


1/16 of french silk pie (A real serving is 1/8)- 280 calories
1 oreo cookie (came from the top of the pie) 53 calories

 Total calories: 1929


None today, although I had planned it.  My inner thighs and legs were wrecked after doing both the PD and the cardio.  I thought I'd be ok this evening but I think I need a good soak instead.  Tomorrow morning I am going to work out, as I start work in the afternoon. I figure waking  up rested and doing a good powerful job is better than half-assing it sore tonight and do nothing tomorrow.

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