Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 39-9/9/10


Lately I notice a few people who ordered Tracy's new book have already received it and from what I hear, has a LOT of useful information as well as a cardio section without a lot of space/choreography needed.  That's reallt good to hear, I want to buy the book too but want to wait until it comes to bookstores (later this month I believe) so I can give it a look before I buy it. (I always like to do that with books, peruse it a while before purchase)

From what I hear on the Facebook groups I am in, the book is supposed to be pretty good.

I finally went back to work after a long summer off- being home all day with little to do was getting boring.

Here's what I ate today- My calorie goal was 1695


Oatmeal- 150 
Whipped butter- 67
Brown sugar- 45


Healthy Choice Chicken Parmigiana meal- 350


1 serving of Sun Chips- 140

1 cup of egg noodles- 220 
Butter- 55
6 ounces Grilled beef with spices (no oil) - 373


1/16 chocolate silk pie- 280

Grand total- 1680 calories!


Didn't do any TAM today, work started at 3, I figured I would work out in the morning, but instead woke up at 8, ate breakfast, felt sleepy again and thought I would just take an hour nap, instead I woke up at 12:30 p.m., and then had to start getting ready to go to work.  I came home, ate dinner, and now I feel pretty sleepy again.  Tpday I have been feeling fatigued and I don't know why, as I do eat enough calories, try to get enough sleep, etc.  

A question for you ladies- when you became more active, (if you weren't previously) did it affect your monthly friend?  I think recently becoming more active is affecting mine, I feel all the symptoms but am a couple of days late already (and no, pregnancy is not a possibility)


  1. Hey Roxy, I'm glad the calorie cycling seems to be working well for you. I wanted to tell you about something you might be interested in that will really help with giving you more energy, helping you lose weight, and fulfilling a ton of your nutritional needs for the day (I remember you saying a while back how you wanted to start eating cleaner). It's called Shakeology, and it's a really amazing meal replacement shake. Feel free to email me or check out my blog where the website is on the sidebar for more info, if you're interested. Keep at it, you're going to be seeing great results soon!

  2. Hey Roxy,
    When I started working out really intense I didn't get my period for 2 months. Its perfectly normal for that sort of thing to happen. Your body doesn't want to spare the iron and nutrients required to menstruate since its noticing the new calorie restriction.