Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tracy Anderson's Full Body Trampoline Workout Review

Hello everyone!

As I have posted before, Tracy has not only come up with Teen Meta, but also a new full body Trampoline workout.

I was fortunate enough to get the DVD, and I gave it a watch, here's my review.

The workout is about 51 minutes long, and it has both muscular structure work and cardio.

She speaks for a moment in the beginning about how she understands some people can't do the normal dance cardio and how she developed this DVD to help those who can't and explains a couple of the benefits of rebounding.

You will need a mat, 3 pound weights and a trampoline of course.  

She starts with free arms, which are pretty fast like most of Metamorphosis, then does weighted arms.  Then she goes into legs which is interesting, she utilizes the trampoline in the workout too.  Example- being on all fours and holding onto the trampoline instead of having hands on the ground. She goes back to the weighted arms and utilizes the trampoline to make it more full body, like lifting a leg off the trampoline while working the arm.  After that is all done, there is some floor ab work, again using the trampoline as a guide to positioning.

However, she does NOT talk during the workouts. There is NO Instruction.  For me and other people experienced with TAM, this may not be an issue, but for beginners it may be.  I recommend watching the DVD a few times before trying the MS part.

And last, the moment we've been waiting for, cardio!

It's about 25 minutes of trampoline cardio, to me, the majority of the moves she does are very basic, I have seen her Tel Aviv and her Continuity 2.0 rebounder and there are a lot more moves on one foot with those, this one is more jumping jack, low kicks and both feet on the rebounder at once.  A lot more doable if you're a little scared to do anything heroic.  There are some high kicks, but no super high jumps or anything like that.

She also does a back view, basically  mid-workout she hops around so  her back is facing you.  I am okay with this, if it were me I would keep facing the television.

Because of how the cardio is this time, it makes me more eager to get back on the rebounder and try.

You can buy the dvd here on Tracy's site: Tracy Anderson's Full Body Mini Trampoline DVD

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