Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tracy Anderson Method Day 3/30

Hello everyone!

I finished my third day, and here is the video-

It did not go that great yesterday.

I ended up getting really busy and had to snip out parts of my workout. All I was able to get done was legs/butt.  Not pleased.

Eating was gluten free but definitely not "healthy".  I ended up having a good day until dinnertime, when I ended up going out and had a medium french fry from McDonalds. Gluten-free yes, healthy, no.

Also while working out, I think I messed up my right shoulder and it's having me reconsidering a lot.  

I MAY stop doing Tracy Anderson for now until I get some initial weight off because most times that I have started TAM, I end up hurting something or being unable to do things to the best of my ability because of my size.

I am thinking of waiting until I weigh about 200 pounds (90 kg) to  begin TAM again, right now I weigh about 285 pounds (130 kg).  I have a plan in mind that's for my next post!

Even if I do not do Tracy Anderson right now, I still am going to keep moving and trying to eat well.  That's important.  I still do have the goal in mind to lose 100 pounds/45 kg this year.

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