Friday, January 4, 2013

Regrouping and coming up with another plan.

Hello everyone!

Sadly, After today,I have decided to put my TAMing on a temporary hiatus until I lose some more weight.  I honestly think that right now, I am too big to continue. 

I did do my 4th day workout, in a lot of pain at that.  Yesterday I messed up my rotator cuff and it's still very tender.

Yes, there WAS a guy who was 400 pounds doing TAM, but the fact of the matter is that everyone is DIFFERENT.  Also yes, he lost 100 pounds in 6 months, but who knows what they had him doing.

For me, I think a better approach to this is going to be whipping out the Walk Away the Pounds Fat Burning 5 mile Walk.  It's a little more than an hour long, split up into 5 miles and I will try my best to get into it.  I heard most people think that it will be easy to go for an hour, then find out that they have to stick with 1-2  miles at first. 

I also hear a lot of good stuff about Leslie's workouts, especially from heavy people.

So, I will call this more of Pre-conditioning for  TAM.  My goal is to lose about 80 pounds before going back to TAM. 

Also before, I mentioned wanting to do Bikram yoga,  I still do, but for now I will have to do it in a colder room because I work out in a basement.  When I plug in space heaters in here they always blow a fuse within 5-10 minutes. Not Ideal.  So, I want to at least try to go through the moves (with warm clothing on if needed).

So that's about it.  The videos WILL keep coming though!  

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