Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method Day 2

Hello everyone!

I finished day 2, as you can see!

As the video says, yes, I did feel sore today.  Before even getting to my workout today, I felt it all in my underarms, chest, butt, and thighs, and slightly in my abs.  I started out with 20 reps and today I did 25.  Tomorrow I attempt 30. (Yikes)  Today I also did 10 minutes of step touching cardio, and took a 45 minute walk to the store and back.  Needed my Kefir.

Diet:  Here's how it went.  It feels like a lot of food, but it's pretty much "clean" food.


1 cup of plain Kefir blended with 1/2 cup of berries 


6 slices of turkey bacon (love it extra crisp) and a baked sweet potato, no salt/butter/etc.  They're actually quite good as they are.


2 servings of Choco Chestnut Pudding (a recipe from the book- it's VERY good and I couldn't resist a second go.  I have more in the fridge and will be more conservative next time.)


Steamed broccoli and Turkey burgers from the book.  Meh.  I'm not a huge fan of turkey in general, but these were edible.  After these are gone, it's chickpea burgers from here on out.  Going to the store tomorrow to get more chickpeas ( I have one big can but im trying to really make them in bulk so I can just grab and fry them up at any given time).

I am giving up most dairy when possible aside from the kefir, which is a big deal for me because I am usually a heavy dairy consumer. I am mostly drinking the kefir smoothies because a) I like it b) the probiotics seem to  help my tummy and c) I have 2 huge bags of frozen berries and they need to be used. No wasting!

That's it for today, but I will see everyone for day 3~!

Have a good night!

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