Monday, January 7, 2013

More info about going low-carb

Hello everyone!

In my last video  I mentioned going grain free/ low carb in terms of my diet.  I came across an interesting picture that describes why eating fats does not cause weight gain and eating carbohydrates does.

Sorry about it being huge, it's hard to read when it's smaller. 

I found it interesting that insulin spiking from eating carbs not only tells the body to store fat (I knew that) but also prevents current fat from LEAVING the fat cells.  

I also finally got my wii to work.  For a while, it wasn't turning on, responding when I pressed the power button, etc.  That means that I now have a WORKING, CONSISTENT scale.

I did take my weight today, and I was absolutely horrified. It was NOT what my bathroom scale (which has multiple personality disorder) told me it was.  I will update later when I have some progress.

I also am trying to give up dairy and soy.  I'm lactose intolerant and I have issues with my reproductive system and I was told that soy just tends to mess them up more, so I'm trying to limit the soy intake.

I have a lot of running around (errands) to do today but I will post another video up and get my workout in.

Have a great Monday!

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