Saturday, January 5, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Hello everyone!

After reading yesterday's posts, a couple of friends of mine (who are also TAMers) came to me with an idea.  And it was the same idea from two people who do not even know each other, haha. 

The idea: Why don't I back off from bootcamp and try doing the Pregnancy Project in reverse again?

Splendid idea.

So, I am going to give that a try, with the Walk Away The Pounds. As I said before in another post, the Pregnancy Project does act as a modified TA method, even allows for extra belly like what I have.

As for how I want to progress through the levels, either a new month every 10 days or doing it until I master it then move on (giving my belly some time to shrink and do the slightly harder work).  I'll decide that after I try the month 9 work.

Another friend of mine (a good friend of mine since high school) suggested a while ago that I really should try not eating carbs, and I think I really do want to try grain free this time, period.  

I will still be making videos of course, and I will make the videos a little longer as time goes on.  I'm still getting used to being on camera (I'm pretty shy so even the short videos I make are a little scary to make, but it's getting easier).

I think that after doing the pregnancy videos, I will go right on to Metamorphosis and keep going. 

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