Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2 pre-BC

Hello everyone!!!

I am simply exhausted.  I just tried doing Tracy's Boot Camp cardio on my rebounder... 10 minutes in and I'm already feeling simply done.  I realize now how weak my legs actually are. However on the plus side- I am feeling more like I actually "worked out", I feel so many muscles burning that I didn't feel burning just step touching on the floor.  So, I realized the trampoline is a good way to efficiently build up my strength for dancing.  

What made me want to get back on the rebounder?  Tracy's recent post on her site-

I am NOT coordinated enough to jump as elaborately as Tracy, even on the boot camp dvd, the one leg moves aren't happening... Yet. However I can do the jumping jacks, side twists, etc. The goal is to build up to an hour on it.

Also I read in the book that Gwyneth even had to start out on the rebounder so I don't feel as bad! Better to build strength than to jump in and destroy my legs. 

As for MS- might do Mat tonight... I feel pretty tired now so not sure. I may also give the bouncing another go!

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