Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/8/2010 T-minus 25 days til boot camp!

Hello everyone!!!

Ill likely be posting entries here a day after it happens. Just to avoid confusion about when I did something, etc. 

So, Yesterday was dec.8, T-minus 25 days til Jan 2 when I start boot camp with quite a few other lovely people!
My workout yesterday.... Meh. I could have done better. I don't know what was wrong with me but I just felt like a dead brick.

I did my Mat workout, which I can usually do 20 leg reps through without really stopping, but after every section I had to stop, sit down, yawn, lay on my bed, etc... and I was only doing 15 reps. I must have been in some kind of funk, really.  Lately we had our first snow, it's been bitter cold outside, and neither of those makes me want to get up and work out, much less get up to begin with. 

I think I need to slow down with the Tracy rebounder stuff- not ready for her Tel Aviv stuff yet, however, there is a beginnerish version she put out a while back.

So I will start with this and build up from there.  Most (thinner than me) people say it isn't quite as sweat inducing as dancing on the floor, but being bigger, I highly beg to differ. I tire out just regular jumping after a few minutes. Also, wearing my nice new shoes, I have bad foot pain in them.  I think it might be because the sole is thicker. I'll perhaps give it a shot with my Asics Gel Insipre (Funny how both shoes I have are different brands but have the word Inspire as their name.) because I don't want to mess up my feet doing it barefoot. I injured my ankle last September and it hasn't totally been the same since.   I'll let you know!

I'm at work today unexpectedly, so I will see about doing the rebounder again tonight, and for longer. Also if I have time, I will do my MS. I have a term paper due Saturday, so the priority is cardio.

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