Tuesday, December 14, 2010

T-minus 19 days til boot camp! Morning blog~

Hi everyone!

Just want to blurb quickly about my morning. 

I am starting my cardio in the AM and ms in the PM. Otherwise I have no energy to do both and it has a higher chance of both getting done.

Also, I am doing my cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, as per recommendations from friends. Supposedly this gives maximum fat burn, and to be honest, I am more energetic when doing it like that. Food seems to make me sleepier.

I tried doing beginner dance cardio, did combos 1-2 including the learning, thinking that would be it. Nope. After a brief rest, I turned on my ipod, and freestyled it for 11 minutes and boy was I ever able to perform. I feel like I do a LOT better at DC when I am just listening to my own  music and having at it.  I feel like watching the dvd kinda mentally trips me up, and I bumble trying to match what they're doing on screen, and I sweat but not that much.  When I tried freestyling it, (with tracy's moves just at my own music pace and as I feel like it) I was tearing up the living room.  I had to stop because my lungs started hurting a little- my little sign to tell me I did well and high impact.  Looking forward to it tomorrow too! 

Tonight- Mat DVD here I come!