Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enough Laziness!!!


I am feeling a lot better than when I had my last post. (Turns out Aunt Flo came to visit and she wasn't and STILL isn't happy)

I actually did a morning workout- Mat DVD and not dance cardio, but a long walk. I walked to my workplace to pick up my paycheck (even though it's icy and snowy out) and back- about 40 minutes each way. Tiring, but I feel accomplished!

I am actually excited about Christmas coming, as well as Tracy's next holiday prescription.   She has put out several of these to help us get through the holiday season and still look our best.

Here is her most recent prescription, a raw vegan cleanse (which I haven't tried yet, I am not big on cleanses... yet!) 

I admit lately I have been a bit lax still with my workouts and blogs... It's like I mentally want to have a final laziness period before I start boot camp on Jan 2- a little over a week away! I don't like it, to be honest- the laziness and lack of motivation that is.

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  1. Good luck, and Merry Christmas! I know I get a little down then too, so I hope you are feeling better!