Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1 of pre-bootcamp training- Morning Edition!

Good morning everyone!

Today is my first day of operation Old Year Resolutions!   Being that today is Monday, it is my day off of exercising. (I have work and class today- and a final exam! Need my energy!)  However it is NOT a diet "cheat day".  Still watching those calories. Speaking of, I found out how many I need per day here:

I weighed in this morning- about 266 pounds/121 kg, I'm 5 feet 5 inches/165 cm tall and 25 years old. Added that in the calculator.  For activity level, I selected "Little to no exercise/desk job", to be safe. (Didn't want to overestimate calories and I think by exercise level, I think they really mean are you active during the day, which I generally am not other than TAM) I am following the "extreme fat loss" section, which allows me 1437 calories a day on average.  Now there is a link below that that says "7 day calorie cycle (zig-zag)" I clicked that, and I am shown how to vary my calories throughout the week.

Why would I do this?  Supposedly it is supposed to keep the body guessing, to prevent plateauing, just like how TA says to vary your muscle work every 10 days.  I will also re-calculate my calorie needs every week, especially if I lose significantly.  I will also be following this method of dieting when I begin Boot Camp on Jan 2, 2011. 

That's it for now, still waking up! Have a great day everyone!

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