Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello everyone!

It's finally started to warm up (I use the term "warm" very loosely) and I am also feeling a bit better.  

I have been reading some things on Tracy in regard to diet and the main points I keep coming across are that she is 100% gluten free due to her being allergic to it (like me) and eating organic food.

Sounds nice, if it wasn't so expensive to eat that way. 

Lately I have noticed she is pushing more along the lines of "do my workouts and eat a balanced diet" instead of her old diets involving juices and very low calorie foods. Hrm. 

Then again, she is still trying to sell her shakes, vitamins, and her (mega expensive) food plan. 

I do like the whole idea of being gluten-free though.  After all, I also feel heaps better when I eat like that, and it even makes exercise easier because of the inflammation leaving my knees. 

On a side note, I hear some people are already working out with Tracy via XBOX One. 

Buying an XBOX One isn't really in the plans for me any time soon, but if you or someone you know has tried working out with TA using it, let me know how it went in the comments!

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  1. Here is the breakdown of what her Xbox routine:
    Xbox console: $500
    Monthly membership: $20
    Transform I: $30 (3 workouts)
    Transform II: $30 (3workouts)

    So, we are talking about $600 at the minimum. (It would cost me more because I don't exercise 6 times a week; it's more like 3-4 times a week, meaning it would take me 4-5 months.)

    I think if you are going to invest that much money into a workout routine, then join a gym, or go to Tracey's gym.

    The minute you stop paying the monthly membership, you no longer have access to the workouts.

    On the flip side, it is really cool to see yourself perform the exercises, know your heart rate, and know how you performed compared to your age group. But those things don't make me want to use it everyday. There is a free workout with each Transform, so you can test it out before you buy it. I am so glad that was available because it helped me learn, that for me, it is not worth it.

    I am on Continunity 1.7, day 7, and I love the idea of having a thousand more years of workouts in front of me. I have already invested a lot (time and money) in Meta and I don't see spending more to purchase Transform.