Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hello everyone!

Happy second day of the new year! 

Today was a lot better than the first- especially diet wise. 

For breakfast, I had a banana (I am not usually hungry in the morning).  For lunch, I made Mabo Tofu, which is a Japanese take on Chinese food- it's cubed tofu simmered in bean sauce over rice. Very good.   For dinner, I had some cheese and rice. I wasn't too hungry for dinner. 

Workout: I did the TAM for beginners workout #1 again, this time adding the wrist weights.  I definitely felt stronger.  I think in the next few days I MAY be able to add the second workout.   Workout 1 is primarily a primer for the dance cardio, workout 2 is a primer for the muscular structure work. 

Actually, workout 1 is getting kind of easy for me (Each of the very few MS movies is only done about 8 times and more like a stretch than a strength builder), but I expected this.  Soon I will add the first combination from Dance + Cardio and do the second workout for my MS, perhaps using workout 1 as a warm up (which it seems very good for in the future).

So, we will see tomorrow what I can accomplish.  I feel like I can do more tomorrow.  Won't know until I try, though. 

Idea- I'll try the second workout tomorrow and the non-jumping Dance + Cardio combination. Sounds reasonable.

So, check back tomorrow and see how it went!

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